Vanessa's Story

Vanessa was a 27-year-old woman taking life by storm. Living in Manhattan, working for Google, practicing yoga, and forever cherishing her family and friends, Vanessa led life to the fullest. To know Vanessa was to be touched by someone special who left an indelible mark on your life. Vanessa was a kind, compassionate, intelligent person. She exemplified the positive qualities of life's greatest friend, co-worker, roommate or confidant.

Vanessa was fun. She had a great sense of style and was happy to give advice to her mother, aunt, relatives, and friends as to how to pull off that special outfit. She loved running, walking, reading, yoga, and trips to Cape Cod beaches. Vanessa also was motivated. She graduated from Boston University and spent the next six years launching a successful career in digital marketing which culminated in her dream job at Google.

But Vanessa always found time for more than work and play. Countless hours were quietly spent helping at a food bank, tutoring and mentoring high school students, supporting Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital, and planting community gardens in the inner city. Vanessa always found time to embrace the spirit of giving back.

Ultimately, we want Vanessa to be remembered for the quality of her life, the strength of her character, and the goodness within her heart -- not by the tragic circumstances of her death. However, her death compels us to fight against the violence that took her from us. We created the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation to spread awareness about our story, so that we can all work together to ultimately reduce violence against women in our society.